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ACTTA methodology - IDB

LINCOS participated in the initiatives of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the creation of a methodology that will guide people interested in creating, installing, and implementing strategies for sustainable community development for Latin America and the Caribbean.

LINCOS of Costa Rica, New Rainbow Corporation of Colombia, Secretariat of Youth of Nicaragua participated in this challenge with their NEXUS Joven project, Microsoft in the United States and the Dominican Republic with Indotel and Community Technology Centers.

The work in Costa Rica of the Consultant Rafael Anta and the Engineer Pablo Valenti of the IDB supported the collection of LINCOS experiences, methodologies used, innovative pedagogical philosophies, and the search for Sustainable Human Development.

Experiences were shared between the collaborating countries in the Republic of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, being the latter host of the First Workshop of the ACTTA Methodology in December 2004.

The Inter-American Development Bank, as a complement to this work, made a significant donation for the purchase of equipment, which updated the services and contents of the LINCOS in Costa Rica, through the implementation of the ACTTA Methodology that promoted both financial sustainability of the Units such as social sustainability.
Lincos Project Costa Rica
Proyecto Lincos Costa Rica

Technological Gaps A.C. Mexico

Since 2005, a group of Mexican leaders, headed by Ing. Oscar Howell, Julían Pérez, and Imanol Belausteguigoitia, have promoted the installation of the LINCOS philosophy in Tepelmeme, Villa de Morelos in Oaxaca.

LINCOS members D.I. Leonardo Montero and the Master Luis Diego Moya of the LINCOS Project of Costa Rica visit the community to elaborate an ethnographic study where we identified the needs, potential of the Mexican population, and the viability of the installation of a LINCOS project.

Conduct formal and informal interviews and focus groups with leaders of different age groups: youth, adults, and older adults. For this project, we counted with the support of the Local Government, Mr. Sabino García, Munícipe de Tepelmeme, and the Education Councilor..

The Technological Gaps Association sought the financing of the project, services recommended by LINCOS, strategic alliances, and human team to make the technological transfer and intelligent use of technologies in community life a success.

Infoplazas - Senacyt - Panama

In 2005, establish a cooperation agreement between LINCOS and SENACYT to contribute to the experiences of our project in Panama. The objective was to train Infoplazas operators to achieve education strategies, businesses that promoted the sustainability of the centers, through workshops. Mr. Luis Cisneros was in charge of SENACYT in making this cooperation.

The Workshop about the Application of Tools for Sustainable Development was in charge of Eng. Yvonne Aguilar in Panama and the Master Luis Diego Moya from Costa Rica.

This workshop emphasized the need to generate entrepreneurial thoughts in the participants, ways of innovation at the technical-pedagogical level for Infoplazas users.

The strategic information, Target Market, and SWOT Analysis were some of the activities developed in the workshop, in addition to finance and investment, social marketing plan, and management strategies of the centers.
Proyecto Lincos Costa Rica
Proyecto Lincos Costa Rica


Since 2004, the Costa Rica Foundation for Sustainable Development, with its LINCOS program, worked together with the Program for the Improvement of the Quality of Education (PROMECE) of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica, in processes of technological appropriation through innovative methodologies such as the one focused on Projects. The beneficiaries were the educational actors of the 60 schools belonging to this program throughout the country.

These processes included Technological Awareness Workshops applied to Education, in which, the curricular integration of Communication and Information Technologies, the technological transfer to the classrooms was the objective.

Deliver a series of proposals to enter along with the PROMECE Educational Informatics Program in efforts to reinforce acquired skills and a set of workshops and pieces of training on topics such as entrepreneurship, scientific research, a virtual communication project.
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