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Proyecto de CentaireProject for establishment of a center for monitoring and modeling air quality in Central America

What is the problem? Air pollutant levels in major cities in Central America exceed WHO standards several times each year. The chemically reactive and harmful air present in many Latin American cities could be a reality in Central America. Investments to stimulate growth and reduce poverty can harm Public Health and the well-being of future generations.

What are the air pollutants? Ozone, (O3), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx, Total Suspended Particles (PST), Respirable Fraction Particles (PM-10), Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Lead (Pb), among others.

The origin of these primary pollutants is Industries and services, Motor Vehicles, and Natural Areas.

Overall Objectives

 Clean air and economic prosperity can coexist in Central America (avoid Latin American mistakes).

 Proven technologies in air quality management offer less expensive opportunities in pollution control and prevention.

 Create a Center for Monitoring and Modeling air quality with world-class technology, aiming at self-sustainability with the private company competition.


CENTAIRE supported CCAD through interactions with regional and international organizations.

CENTAIRE concentrated resources to systematize technical, institutional, and financial efforts on air quality.

What were the Centaire activities?
  •  Operate and maintain monitoring stations.
  •  Develop emission inventories.
  •  Facilitate high-tech systems for modeling air quality.
  •  Provide required information on air quality.
  •  Facilitate training in monitoring and problem management methods.
  •  Procure audits and evaluation in the management of air quality in Central America.

Proyecto Centaire

Centaire Achievements

Proyecto Centaire Costa Rica  Establish a cooperation agreement with the ICF Consulting firm for project development.

  Write a "prospect" with the conceptual basis of the Central American initiative, in cooperation with ICF Consulting.

  Elaborate initiative budget draft thanks to a partnership with ICF and the collaboration of an intern from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA.

  Generate agreement of the Ministers of Environment from Central America to support the creation project of CENTAIRE and jointly develop it (Mexico D. F., February 1999).

  Create a preliminary agreement with the World Bank to insert the Central American initiative CENTAIRE, in association with the Central American Commission for Environment and Development, in the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities.

  Create a preliminary contacts with the firm Ecology and Environment, Inc., Seattle, Washington.

  Become participate in the launch of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities (Washington D.C.), December 2-4, 1998.

Proyecto Centaire Centroamérica  Centaire Central America Project held meetings with leaders and specialists of the ICF Consulting firm for project coordination (Fairfax, Virginia; San Rafael, California), 1998-99.

  Visit of Mr. José María Figueres to the President of the Central American Commission for Environment and Development and Minister of Environment of El Salvador, San Salvador, April 1999.

  Become a participant in the Clean Air Workshop for Mexico City, in the context of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities (World Bank), Mexico City, June 1999.

  Establish meetings with the firm "Environmental Specialists" and the United Nations Development Program, concerning the Executive Report on Air Quality in Central America, Mexico City, June 1999.

  Visit to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (General Comptroller's Office and Sustainable Development Unit), Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 1999.

  Visits by Mr. José María Figueres to the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Washington D.C., September and October 1999.

  Meeting with the President of the Tinker Foundation, New York, September 1999.

  Meeting with the President of The Climate Institute, Washington DC, October 1999.

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